• It could be a summons of some sort for them to go to court...My mom had that happen before..
  • Well Look At It.
  • most likely an eviction as a summons usually needs to be person to person so that they cannot say they didn't recieve it.
  • eviction notice. the aparment building where i live the sheriff came to 2 of the aparments down the hall and letf notices on their door. one of them was for a man who had already moved out and didnt tell the landlord. the other was for a 95 year old lady that has been in the health care unit at the hospital for the last year. it said that she has to pay for everything in her aparment since she has lived there for the last 30 yrs. i dont think what they did to the old lady was right. they should have sent it to her son who is in charge of her finacl stuff.
  • could be a strip-o-gram;)
  • It depends on where you live. Most likely, its an eviction notice. But, it also could be a notice of a civil lawsuit against you. Different jurisdictions have law enforcement officers that perform different functions.

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