• You can find some amazing jewelry at Pawn shops.
  • or charm in charley but there
  • yeah i would say hit up a pawn shop, i got my wife a half carat diamond ring for $300 not sure if its any good (clarity and things like that) but she is happy with it and it looks fine to me.
  • Man, are you the best or not? The ring is no more than a symbol of status for those who need such symbols. Long ago when General Chesty Puller, Commandant at Quantico Marine Base noticed officers and non-coms carrying around swagger sticks, a la Alec Guinness of Bridge on the River Kwai, he issued the following order: "As of today, only Marines who feel the need to carry swagger sticks shall carry them." That morning, not a swagger stick was to be found anywhere near Quantico. It's the same with large, ostentatious stones. Some women, & some couples feel the need to show off. They are insecure. They have to show off. Let them waste their money on a large stone. You are smart. Save it for you home, or the baby to come.
  • Yea! Voodoo! Three cheers for a practical woman!
  • just get one that is good and cheap.
  • Try your local jeweler.. Tel him how much you want to spend. He won't laugh at you--don't worry. He wants to make a sale. But don't let him trade you up.
  • Who needs an engagement ring?
  • I'm the same way. We got my ring at JCPenney for $150. Just look around at local stores for sales.
  • AMEN for a "less expensive" ring! The money couples and their families waste on the whole wedding thing is appalling. The cost of some "average" weddings are now costing way up into the several THOUSAND dollars. I can think of much better uses for half that amount of money. Nice is good, BEST is not necessary. Hold out for what you like on the other end of tradition. You'll thank yourselves more than once! Best Wishes & Happy Honeymoon! :)
  • It's called cubit zirconium. Looks just like a diamond, without the blood.
  • I got my wife's ring at a jeweler (see ), but we bought my ring (wedding band) at Wal-Mart for about $100-150. They DO have some nice-looking rings there. Almost any department or jewelry store, or jewelry kiosk in a mall will have relatively inexpensive rings and nice-looking rings (as well as expensive ones). Just look around.
  • The people recommending pawn shops are dead on. Too often people who are advertising in the paper or such are looking to re-coup alot of the cash they paid for their ring and have no idea that jewellery devaluates so quickly once you leave the store. Look for a ring with a clear, light coloured stone and make sure you look at it outside in the natural light. Make sure the prongs (things holding the stone) are not worn and hold the stone so there's no wiggle. Once purchased, take to your local luxury store for cleaning. DO NOT TELL THEM WHERE YOU GOT IT. They will do nothing but try to make you feel bad if you do. Ignore them, they are just mad you didn't buy it there. Final Step: Wear and enjoy and flaunt the sparkle. If you have any worries about where it came from (nosy friends, etc) just say it is a heirloom. I mean it kind of is, right? /coming from a GIA graduate //trust me ///oh and good for you, you are a smart woman!
  • You can make one of course. Make a ring out of something that resembles you both and your connection to one another. That seems much more romantic.
  • Cubic zirconia is good (that's what I had mine made from 28 years ago), but there are even better synthetic diamonds around now. You can get a reasonable sized stone that is almost as hard as a real diamond, looks just like one and is a fraction of the cost.
  • I would suggest Ebay.,., some really really great deals on there!!! good luck!
  • just tell hinn that

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