• 1. Consider if he keeps breaking plans, or seems to be avoiding you. If he stops calling regularly or text messaging you in the middle of the day (if this is something you normally did), that could be a sign. 2. Listen to your conversations. Is he as interested in talking to you as he used to be? 3. Get physical. If he's thinking about leaving, he won't want to hug or kiss you as much as he used to. 4. Watch his behavior with other girls. Does he flirt with them in front of you? 5. Talk to his friends. He may be telling others that he is going to break up with you, but hasn't told you yet. You can also just gauge how excited he is about the relationship 6. Does he purposely hang around girls you don't like? Does he hang around his friends who are girls more often? He might be trying to tell you something. 7. If he is constantly telling you he has to go when you're on the phone, he's just making up excuses. Tips and more:
  • Hes With ANother Girl, Der.
  • If he wants to spend less and less time with you and doesn't want to make even short-term plans together and if he's seeing more and more of other girls casually. That is my experience.
  • If you divide the number of minutes you spend with your cellphone by the number of minutes you spend with your boyfriend and get a number greater than 5, your boyfriend is about to break up with you.

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