• One of the best decisions I've ever made was going to meet a very special man I met right here on AB. As he is now my significant other and we've been living together for four months, I shudder to think that I could have missed out on meeting the love of my life had I not made this decision.
  • finishing with an ex that was cheating on me, even though she said it was only once and wouldnt happen again i wasnt taking that chance
  • Coming out of the closet. It took a few years, but then yes, the relief was tremendous. Now I'm faaabulous.
  • Always considered the best decision I've ever made was when I decided not to go to college. Would have been a big waste of time, money, and effort. Am doing just great without a college education. Heck, don't really have a high school education and, despite getting a diploma, I consider myself to be an honorary high school drop-out.
  • I have two. The first best decision: I was a divorced mom, full time student with a full time job when I found myself pregnant. I was terrified and felt that I had NO options. I considered abortion, I even talked with my doctor about it. He said he would not do it, but to think about it for a week and then come back. If I still wanted to abort, he would refer me. The best decision I made was not to have the abortion. She has brought me nothing but joy. The other best decision I made was when I adopted my youngest daughter. :-)
  • When I left my first husband...very relieved because had that not happened I would never have been lucky enough to be married to my sweetie for 32 years now.
  • So far the best decision I made was choosing the job I have now. If I would have went with something else, I wouldn't have met a lot of great people.
  • Meeting my husband and growing up and still loving him as I was only 14 when we met and I had a lot of growing up to do. I could have changed, he could have gotten impatient and found someone closer to his age. I'm just so glad we each stuck with it and let me grow up and join my life with his, almost 35 years ago.
  • The best decision I ever made was joining the United States Navy. I am relieved that I made the right choice. I was going through some tough times. The Navy really straightened me out. I got out and now Im ready to begin fulfilling my lifetime aspirations.
  • Finish with my ex because he is now in jail for gbh on his new gf that could have been me I got a lucky escape
  • To not marry a man I was engaged to when I was 19. Sometimes I wonder how my life would be different... but in the end I know it was a good choice.
  • Going to university its given me the steps towards a better future and has made me realise what i want to! Plus its were i meet some fab friends and my boyfriend!
  • Divorce.LOL
  • To have the babies I did. Nothing could equal their births. +5
  • axceptin ma bfs propozal... (*.*)... peace!!!
  • well started when i finshed school. my decision was to not move away to go to university. I was always going to but i decided not to. that sounds like it was a bad decision. but if i went i would not haev my house, my boyfriend my dog. I wouldnt have been close to my family in the last year when they needed me!! so i am so happy i didnt go just yet
  • Going back to school
  • To love my bf. To help him through the thicket as he does for me. And on Sundays he gets to plan the "fun" ^^ Im terrible
  • Finishing High School and getting my Divorce.
  • To go to college in my mid 20s & learn a trade then get a job so I could finish my qualifications. I later moved into teaching that trade to others in college.
  • To accept Christ as my personal Savior and join The Church. To join The US Navy, to get divorced and to continue my education.

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