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  • i think women get more pleasure out of sex because women or most women moan or sceam when they are having sex
  • I think men do, because during sex woman are more dependent on men to bring them to orgasm. A lot of men don't yet they cum rather easily. So many times I have had discussions with women and have heard the same story. He hops on top, pumps away, cums, rolls over and falls asleep. He got off, she just has a mess between her legs. If you were talking about all things being equal I would say a woman because she can have many orgasms in one session were as a man is limited by age and function. A woman is unlimited, but again it's up to her lover to help her achieve this multi orgasmic state. Men rub it a bit, squirt and hey that was pretty good....:-). So in the real world it's the man until all men become great lovers which isn't happening in my time.
  • Depends on the person, like any other type of feeling. Girls are more in tune with the emotional aspect when it comes to sex, while guys are usually more in tune with the physical aspect of it. That doesn't mean they all do, however.
  • Depends on how you judge more pleasure. If you measure by how many orgasms, then women clearly are capable of more. If it is by how strong your orgasm is. Then it is subjective. Although at my strongest orgasm I can still get up and get going, but my GF is wiped out and can't move from the most intense orgasm. Not from excesive physical exhertion. IF it is by how long they can continue sex, women clearly win. So women can get more pleasure out of sex. But because so many women depend on the men for their arrousal and pleasur, they aren't getting the pleasure they are capable of. So men actually are getting more pleasure out of sex in toto.
  • it depends i have had sex with a woman and she was pretty satisfied and for me it was rather mediocer then with other women i had sex where it was so amazing its really not that easy and everytime is different and it depends a lot on who with whom but if the man does it right the woman because the container of the woman has more capebillity compared to the container of the man i measerd my container and i can have sex (if i love her) for two hours easily, so the Ladys have multiple orgasm and the container of a man isnt capeable of that (imeasured it thouroughly)
  • If a man doesn't do his job a woman can masturbate to reach her peak and still have multiples. Also, If a woman has enough foreplay she will orgasm before the man. So my answer is Women!
  • Moaning doesnt mean your getting more pleasure, however I agree that women have more enjoyment, they can multiple O WAY more than men can.
  • I get alot of pleasure knowing that I can get my wife off, either by oral anal or vaginal, whatever the case may be. There was an old movie that asked this very question, who gets more pleasure, the man or the woman. The woman in the movie looked at the guy and said stick your finger in your ear and move it around, now which felt better your finger or your ear. I will have to give an honest opinion that the woman gets more out of it, as she should. Like I said, I get great pleasure just knowing my woman has been satisfied.
  • I think women, because they can have longer orgasms then men, and not to mention they can have multiples. While guy will typically have one quick burst, than it's over. While men typically only have one orgasm per session, than must wait awhile to recover, and that one orgasm often only lasts a few seconds, typically about 5 seconds, while i'v seen women have a single orgasm last anywhere from 15-30 seconds, and imagine have 3 or 4 of those, that is quite a bit more pleasure. So I would say deffinantly women when it comes to sexual pleasure, by far.
  • MEN enjoy the pleasure of sex more. the whole female body is our playground. and iv had multiple long orgasms with two girls. you just cant stop or youll go limp. and, when has sex ever been PAINFUL to you as a man?

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