• Geez. I get PETA when they truly try to prevent people from abusing animals. But get over the fact that we factory farm and go solve real problems. PETA marginalizes themselves by doing things like this.
  • I don't remember inviting peta or paul to my picnic!
  • PETA is the bread it should be wrapped in!!!!!!!!!!!! John
  • PETA should shut up and die. When the ASPCA talks about this, then I'll listen/.
  • My daughter & cousin are vegans & into animal rights so I have to be loyal & agree with PETA
  • Apparently, none of these answerers have seen videos of the insides of KFC slaughterhouses.
    • Linda Joy
      You haven't either, because they don't exist. KFC gets their chicken from Marshall Durbin. At least the one I worked at did.
  • I think it depends on which group has the most money to donate to the state parks department. If the residents of Kentucky are allowed to vote with their dollars, it will be a real benefit.
  • I agree with PETA, KFC is greasy and loaded with fat, it is cruel, possibly unusual, for the state to force me to eat it. On my picnic in Kentucky I want country ham, lobster, caviar,champaigne, mint juleps, raw bourbon, and baloney samwitches. And I'm gonna sit down too. Where do I stand? Over here by the food. hmmmmm, Phoenix, Ah say, Phoenix would ya move that bourbon over here closer to the food. Ah caint, Ah say, Ah caint decide where to stand. Ah swear, boy's got a head like a whiskey barrel that I been standin by, empty and smellin like smoke.
  • that's ridiculous! you know, animal abuse and testing is one thing, but if you don't wish to eat meat...then don't!
  • If Kentucky chooses to do that, it's their business. KFC chicken is full of so many hormones, antibiotics, etc., because those chicken's feet never touch the ground. They grow in baskets off the ground and stay in these baskets where they can't turn around even. The droppings are scooped up and sold to the cattle feed lots in Nebraska or elswhere where it's mixed in with the cattle feed for the cattle before they're slaughtered there. Read FAST FOOD NATION for gawds sake. Also read The Omnivore's Dilema. Then one can have the information to make one's own, informed decision. Sorry, but I just want people to take the time to be adequately informed about their choices and actions.
  • I don't know about peta..but when i think of the way those animals are treated it makes me want to vomit.
    • 1465
      I hate to break this to you, but I walk on grass. If you prefer to eat grass, I do apologize.
  • Sounds pretty weird all the way around... What are we supposed to eat anyway?
  • It's not the killing that bothers me, so much as the torture. Does Kentucky really want to be "The Torture State"? Why I could just rip the beak off a Kentucky Congressman, dunk them in caustic ammonia, and lock them inside their Congressional desk for life, I could. That would be delicious irony.
  • I think Kentucky will not give itself a good name choosing a fast food restaraunt as it's state picnic food... what's next? strip malls? coca-cola as a national symbol? I also applaud PETA for protesting on the grounds of animal cruelty!
  • PETA's a terrorist group, I wouldn't trust them on anything.
    • Cats & Dolphins
      They are NOT "terrorists". They have NOT killed anyone. ISIS is a terrorist group.
    • lj1
      PETA refuses to condemn the use of violent tactics. They openly support Animal Liberation Front (ALF), an organization that the FBI considers America's most dangerous domestic terrorism threat. Their own website confirms it:
  • Does peta have a bone to pick with kfc? I'm sure not only kfc uses chickens from the slaughter houses.
  • PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk brags openly about rescuing animals only to kill them herself. Her philosophy is that pet owners are evil and animals should be liberated -- then killed. Sadly, PETA raises millions and millions from unsuspecting people and then spends it to kill innocent animals who deserve to be loved and cared for. Think of all the shelters they could build to safely house and feed animals until someone adopts them! Too bad they'd rather use that money to denigrate loving pet owners and kill defenseless animals.
  • Peyton Pity peta
  • It isn't wrong to eat meat. Animals are here as food for man. So I think they need to be quiet and deal.
  • I love KFC....nothing like getting lucky and having fried chicken in the same place
  • PETA needs to really pull its head in ... they are liars out and out and have been proven so on my different subjects over the years ... now why are they so silent on Japanese whaling?... we can't hear you!!, PETA is the very last group on earth that I would support of stand up for ...these scum are two faced hypocrites and the fools who support it need a smack in the mouth with a good dose of reality and be shown what PETA really is ...and sham!!!
  • PETA are strange people..they simply isolate some people and say that they are the villains..As far a I know KFC doesn't even raise their own chickens--- they, like everyone else, buy from suppliers. I think PETA needs to smarten up on this and pay attention to other valid concerns while they still have a modicum of credibility.
  • I think 'obesity' should be the operative word here. For God's sake, they're endorsing corporate exposure and obesity at the same time here.
  • I think this answers my stand pretty well about all poultry.
  • KFC makes some great food as far as taste goes. Yes its very unhealthy which is why I rarely eat it, but if you are eating there you probably already know that and don't really mind. As far as the cruelty thing goes, it's messed up if they are actually abusing the chickens before they die and that should be monitored, but it won't stop me from eating there occasionally.
  • First of all, I've always thought KFC chicken was pretty nasty, even before I became a vegetarian. Secondly, it's been proven that KFC is quite brutal with their chickens, and care more about their profits than the fact that they're abusing a living creature. Although I live in Kentucky, it's not really a big issue to me. I think KFC (as with all fast-food places, really) is run by a bunch of corporate pigs with fat bank accounts, and anything PETA will try to do will more than likely be unsuccessful. But just because it's made our state picnic food, it doesn't mean that people will buy it any more or any less.
  • KFC doesn't even handle live chickens when I worked for KFC we got our chickens from Marshall Durbin.
  • I agree with PETA. There are more humane ways to make chicken E.U. countries do it better, and so does Norway.
  • Couldn't care a hoot!
  • Does anybody care what PETA thinks?
  • The chickens are already dead by the time KFC gets them! Why don't they protest Marshall Durbin? That would make more sense. Not much, though. The chickens wouldn't even exist if there weren't a demand.
  • My...the Libs are out in full force today, aren't they?

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