• I do not know the answer to that question, but I will give you a guide to what it should be. I am going to use the average car/truck battery numbers. you probably have something in the range of 880 CCA. with something like 14 hours at 20 amps reserve capacity. SO this is how the optimal charge rates are for the battery. During the deep cycle charge of a battery, it accepts 5% of its CCA. so at max Amperage, your alternator should put out roghly 40 Amps. Then once you reach about a 90% charge it should switch to a median charge, to get full charge, which is 1.5% of your CCA. At this level it should be putting out roughly 13 Amps. Then there is the last level, or Float voltage. This is what should be used 90% of the time in your truck, as you Crank to start up, and then just float the rest of the time the car is on. That is about .1% of your CCA. For this stage you should be getting roughly 1 Amp out of your alternator. That's just a general guide. Now to get 40 Amps, you may have a 60 Amp alternator, because they usually jump 40 amps, then 60. Just a reference point.
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