• Most any food should only be kept in the fridge 3 days and only 3 hours at room temp. These standards are mostly for foods that are opened and therefore exposed to bacteria. This food was open to bacteria when it was processed, however the sealed package restricted air supply and limited bacteria growth. 4 days is pushing it. If you or your family has a sensitive digestive system you may want to pitch it. On the other hand, I can barely afford to buy meat (even hamburger these days) much less waste it! So for just me, I'd smell and feel it. If it smells, feels and looks ok, I'd cook it and eat a little bit. If I handled that ok I'd eat the rest and take care not to let that happen again. Meat should be moved to the fridge 1-2 days before you use it depending on its size (3 days for a turkey) Just enough to let it thaw before cooking. If you buy large packs you may want to portion them before freezing.
  • if youre not sure dont eat it

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