• Of course it hurts. You get cut open!
  • Most appendectomies can be performed using keyhole surgery, not much pain and very little recovery time .
  • Appendicitis is very painful. Surgery to remove it is one of the very few operations where you feel better when you wake up. Keyhole=laparoscopic surgery, you can recover in one day, at least from the incision.
  • My husband said he felt worse after surgery than before, but he didn't have the keyhole surgery. He has a three inch scar from where he was held together by staples. His recovery was less than two weeks.
  • uhhh mine was the size of a grapefruit, my scar is nearly 15cm long, i was in the hospital for 9 days and i decided to walk to the phone 2 hours after my surgery, bad idea, plus mine was never stitched shut, for the first 5 days they just stuffed the hole full of guaze and put a bandage over it, after those 5 days they removed it, then ster-strip'd it together, the pinching was odd. but when the doctor (a big russian guy) was pulling the bandage off i was whimpering (very sticky hurt my skin alot) and all he said was "don't worry 's just skin", and i missed my favorite band because of it
  • I am currently getting over appendicitis surgery. I had it on Tuesday and its now Sunday. I need to go for a sleep during the day and have 2 weeks scheduled off work. I do get a bit of pain now and again, but i reckon that is all part of it.
  • well i had it in march 2008. i had keyhole and when i woke up from surgery i felt fine. i would advice alot of rest and drink alot or water.i would say roughly it takes about 2-3 weeks to recovery.
  • i had my appendix, gallbladder and a tubal all at the same time on a tuesday by monday i was was back to work and felt fine. it really depends on how well you can tolerate pain i would say .

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