• It fits either rather well, but it was always a man's nickname til "Samantha" became popular.
  • I have both male and female friends that go bu the nickname Sam. Culturally I think most people assume it is a masculine name, however I like it better as a feminine nickname for Samantha.
  • For a female. Of course, I am biased since I am a girl and go by Andy.
  • I've heard it both for man's name also maybe shortcut for samuel and for woman's as short for samantha. I once named my kitten sam since I wasn't sure about the gender. I like it on both but more on men.
  • I've been in love with Sam as a girl's nickname for Samantha since Bewitched on TV. Named a female cat that, too. And it's a nick for Samuel or Samantha.
  • I know both kinds of users. I think I know more Sams that are girls. It's okay for both.
  • When I hear Sam, I think of a nickname for a guy. I don't know why, since I only know girls with the name Sam.
  • For both. I must admit I like names for girls that can be turned into boyish sounding names. Charlie Eddie Sam Toni Terri.
  • Sam is short for names like Samantha, Samuel, Samara, Saman, Sampson, etc. Sam as a short form is alright for both males and females. If I have to pick one over the other, I am going to go with the name Sam is better for boys simply because my first ex boyfriend's name happens to be Samuel, along with the majority of my ex crushes.
  • I call my daughter, Samantha, Sam all the time, I usually associate it with a girl, but it works for both..

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