• Yep! He appeared on the celebrity addition. According to, not only did he appear on Jeopardy, he beat Tony Danza and Dr. Ruth Westheimer.
  • No, it's a internet joke as you can plainly see here: There is no way Layne Staley could be on that show, and nobody has any video proof he was on it, nor any other evidence.
  • On IMDB it says Layne was on in 1984, when he would have been 17 and Alice in Chains had not yet been formed.. you decide if thats true.
  • where it says Jeopardy(1984) on IMDB.....indicates the year that version of Jeopardy originated.......not the date of the show with Layne Staley......... and i have seen a clip of it on VH1.........
  • not that I know of.

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