• Envy. Or they look at your moniker and immediately assume the worst!
  • Jealousy? It may have also been a mistake.
  • I don't downrate, nor do I give points for congrats "questions". I think a lot of them (not all)are just created to gather points. There are some users that do deserve a pat on the back or a hug at times. But some people seem to be watching the points too closely and not focusing on the fun and learning.
  • There are jelous, jerky, idiots out there that can't stand to be positive so negativity is all they've got. :( Shame.
  • Its a form of protest by some users who think that the congratulations is a section of answerbag that they don't like or want. They show their opinion by DR everyone who does use that category. I saw one say that it "clogged" up the page, whatever that means.
  • They are trolls, Troll. Don't let it get to you at all.
  • You know the answer...they're trolls. It's always going to happen, it's happened to me with congrat questions plenty of who cares anymore?
  • I think that in most cases it's jealousy, but rather than join in those type of questions, which tend to "draw" users closer..they prefer to stand on the outside and toss their little "stones". And then there are those who are here for the sole purpose of downrating.
  • I've been downrated many times for replying to congratulatory questions, almost makes me want to not reply to them. From what I've experienced and the postings I've seen: 1. There are many ABers who don't think AB should be about people or a feeling of community, they only want questions. 2. There are some who think the congtatulations have gotten out of hand, too many of them. 3. Some don't care about points and levels, therefor they don't like to acknowledge any sort of AB accomplishment. 4. They think those who post congrstulatory questions are 'points whores'. 5. I think there are some ABers who believe it's all about who is popular and some might be jealous.
  • Jealousy and stupidity. Take your pick.
  • For some reason, a lot of people hate the Congratulation questions...I don't know why. Then there are the trolls who have issues with those that are higher levels, or don't like them for whatever other reasons (religion, orientation, politics, race...whatever other lame-ass reason). Pretty sad that some people have nothing better to do!
  • Honestly because some people are just asses
  • It's such a pity. Happened to me too...honestly, there's nothing you can do about it. Things happen and you can't allow them to stop life. I'll go fix that for you though! :P

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