• Windows: Hit [Windows] + R. Type "cmd". Hit enter. Type "ipconfig". Hit enter. It's there. Mac: open the Network preference pane and it's listed there. Linux: open a terminal and type in "ifconfig". It's there somewhere.
  • The easy way or the nerdy way Run -> CMD -> IPCONFIG
  • just follow the link and you will find it :)
  • go to control panel...---->network connections--->local area nertwork(right click)--->properties---> at last you find--->internet protocall --> properties--->where u find it..................
  • Simple go to run command type cmd then open command promt then type ipconfig, after then you can see ip address from here.
  • Go to Run after that Command Prompt ( cmd ) then type ipconfig...then you will get your computer IP Address...
  • There are two different IP addresses: then computer's network (lan) address, which can be found with ipconfig, and the internet (router/wan) address, which can be found with .

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