• The thing you have to understand is that God chose faith as the tool through which to save man, namely faith in Jesus Christ his only son. Now the crucial thing that you may not understand is that the bible teaches us clearly that faith comes by hearing and that's hearing the word of God. My personal experience is not only did i hear the word of God and his testimony about his son Jesus' and his disples testimony about his death and resurection and also to add to that the testimonies of all the biblical authours off the top of my head i'd say 30-40 different authors. But the main thing is that today the Holy Spirit of the living God speaks to every single person who seeks God or who wants to Know about God just as you maybe do, if you truly want to know the truth, don't just ask people these questions pray to god that his Holy spirit may reveal the truth about the Bible and the heart of the Bible which is Jesus and i tell you the truth that you will hear his voice you may even see miracles and your life will change. This isn't my promise it's Gods. I hope this helped you somewhat.
  • is no conundrum. Bible=book written by men to explain natural phenomena. The god part is a lie. Gives it authority. Frightens simple folk into believing impossible rubbish
  • The bible or belief in God means nothing to natural man. It can only be a gift given by God, not just because the bible says so. (1Co 2:14) But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
  • I dont believe in the lie that is the bible, nor god, because the bible says so. There def a lack of logic. I wonder how many people would follow through if it is written in the bible to throws ones self off a cliff. Just because a obsolete book says to do or follow something doesnt mean that one should.
  •   i don't believe in the Bible other than as a compilation of words that were written by men to control past societies in positive ways. i do, however, believe in a God/Force that Caused the "Big Bang" and all that evolved therefrom.     "Do we need God or does God need us?" Consider the possibility that: 1. There is a God! 2. That this God Inspired/Created the Reality that allows for the existence of the universe(s), and the relevant "laws" necessary thereto. 3. That this God Inspired/Caused the individual Spirits that exist and that those Spirits continue the effects of Creation just as a child continues to create after its parents have created it. 4. That the Reality of existence is really in a non-physical realm. 5. That the Spirits, while in the non-physical realm, devised/caused the existence of physical reality to come about and caused it to be advanced through the principles of evolution (simply a tool). And that evolution governs the progress of both animate and inanimate things. 6. That the Spirits Created the ability for themselves to "descend" into their physical creation from the non-physical realm (Incarnation and Reincarnation). 7. That Spirits, while in the non-physical realm, are able to know the problems, hurdles and potential outcomes that are going to befall the particular entity that they are going to inhabit, prior to inhabiting it, yet choose to inhabit anyway because of their own "growth" desires/needs. 8. That the events of the physical world (death, pain, suffering and "evil") are not significant to the Reality, which is the non-physical realm, wherein our Spirit's true existence is, and therefore requires no intervention by God. 9. Spirits in the Non-physical realm may, at times, offer suggestive guidance to entities in the physical realm in order to assist them along their chosen path or purpose but such guidance is usually through inspiration (hunches) and dreams. 10. That the purpose of it all is for the experience of God and that eventually all Spirits will gravitate back into the Oneness of God. My rationale of and for God is explained in the document at the link below which i wrote several years ago: A Search For Truth  (If it's not an "active" link then simply copy and paste it into your browser's Address box.) God needs us but not as creatures of worship! God needs us because we, in returning to the Oneness of God, make God Whole. From my chosen path i stray, Yet my God ne'er turns away; For i have learned -- and understand, That where God is -- is where i am!  
  • The world is too well organized. Man, as we know him, did not create the world OR himself, so it stands to reason an Intelligence of some sort is responsible. HOW this occurred is anyone's guess. The Bible is as good a source as any to explain this phenomena.
  • It's a conundrum because you've presented a straw man argument. Humanity doesn't believe in God because the bible says so. God's existence in apparent to our natural reason, and requires no book nor spiritual revelation. Now - knowing more about God, how to relate to Him, what He wants of us, etc. is within the realm of religion and the bible, but simply the knowledge of God's existence is something planted in each of us.
  • Yes, I do... he makes sense to me. You can only see the proof he exists if you are his true child of him and it cannot be explained. However, I do not go to church, simply b/c the churches have been tampered with by man. Man has made them his and they have nothing to do with God anymore. They say it's God's Word, but the people of the churches take their word for it. They don't take the time to read the bible and actually see how it is so... stupid! P.S. This is my 3rd paste of this answer!! :)
  • Why do you believe your birth certificate? Because your father registered you. Why do you believe it is your father? because it is written on your birth certificate. As your father was there before you or your Birth certificate, so God was there before you or the Bible.
  • The bible was written by many, each book or gospel with individual authors' own interpretations and agendas. And, mind you, many gospels were NOT included in the bible due to the repression and oppression of the early Catholic church as recognized and singled out by the Emperor of Rome. Competing churches and views were squelched.
  • It's more than from the Bible that I know there is a God. I see it in the wonder of the universe and the intricacies of a cell or atom. The Bible helps me to fill out the picture, gives me examples of his personality, but a lot of that you can get from nature itself. But yes, I do believe the Bible because it's God's word and the internal harmony that I have found in it, even after all these years of being available, and how little of it was changed, the pains that people took to copy it just so, the historical accuracies, the prophecies that have taken place, the theme found from the beginning of the book to the end, all of that form a clear picture.
  • ALL creation shows me God. when the wind blows, when the trees wave in the wind...when I see a flower alone growing in the strangest place. when I looked into my newborns eyes. When I have family and friend forgive me.... Things that without God would be out of human nature. Anything ANYTHING, left to itself does not get better, but indeed gets worse. When I see good, I see God. I believe the Bible because I believe in God. I believe in God, because I can see His work.
  • the bible is the word of god?if this were true it would be an undeniable,irrepresible part of all our lives ,it would be gods message to us all.all i see is man argueing over what is written and interpreting what is said, this would not be possible if they were gods words .being the creator of all things there would be no ambiguity in anything he wrote and we would all understand every word...........not the case i fear.
  • I believe in what I see with my own eyes. The Bible told me what to look for, and it hasn't been wrong yet! Whether or not that has anything to do with God, remains to be seen.
  • If your soul will make a conundrum of it, then so be it for you. Your soul tells you of God's existence, whether you choose to deny or otherwise. You alsohave a built-in mechanism that recognizes right and wrong. Holy writ tells you how you can return to live with God and how you can help Him with His work down here, and how you can blessthe lives of others. It also reinforces your own inner feelings, because there is a lot kicking against you here. It helps convert you to God Almighty. It also gives clarity when the social or worldly 'push' of a particular decaying moral [eg current homosexuality] becomes greater than normal, or very strong. It helps shape your correct response to these negative influences. It also gives peace to the soul in many of life's darkest hours.
  • I believe in God and in the Bible because the Church teaches that God exists and the Bible is God's Word. The Church was founded by Jesus Christ in about 33 C.E., years before members of the Church wrote the documents that the Church would later gather together as the Bible. Church is the assembly of the People that God has called together from the ends of the earth. With love in Christ.
  • "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:" -2 Timothy 3:16 The word "inspired" here literally means God-breathed, God-spoken. The Bible is the Word of God. I believe the Bible because it's a collection of historical documents written by eye witnesses. It contains names, dates, and places. There have been literally thousands of archeological digs directly related to events from the Bible. Not once has any information in the Bible had to be changed. It's reliable. And of course...I believe the Bible because it has changed my life. These sermons have helped me A LOT!!! Watch EVERY single one of them.
  • The Bible is God's explanation to us as to why we exist...
  • It's called "Circular Logic" -- and it's one of the more common logical fallacies you run into when dealing with theists...
  • It's about basic concept about God. It's all human creation. God lies within you. Now a days religion is a business for humans. So always use your common sense in getting what you want from religion. Try to be as free as possible so that they will not control your brains.
  • If you are truly interested in the answer, there are a number of "proofs" for God's existence. When they are all taken together I think they make a very persuasive case. See here:
  • If I am reading you right, this is a question about faulty logic, not about Biblical faith. It's not a conundrum as such. It's an example of petitio principii, otherwise known as "begging the question," or "circular reasoning." It consists of taking the conclusion as a premise in order to "prove" the idea that you've already accepted as true. The list of fallacies in any Freshman logic text shows this with examples like the one you've used.
  • 5-18-2017 You use your God given abilities to assess good sense versus baloney. Some people say men wrote the bible. That is baloney. The men who wrote what God told them to write were very religious. They would write "God" at the top of a grocery list, just to emphasize that they put God first. But God puts His word above his name, and His word defines important words by context. So the only word that can be first in the bible is "beginning". It took about 4,000 years for some man to get smart enough to even notice that. Another example: Genesis says God made two lights. We now have only one. (The moon is not a light.) If you check, you find that the ancient Egyptians recorded two suns before the one we have now. Scientists panic and shout insults at that, because the theory of evolution is based on the supposition that all things have been uniform forever. Well, you can't change history that is carved in stone! The bible is confirmed by human observations, over and over.

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