• Second Life is hard to have, I don't even have a First Life.
  • Muther of Pearl ain't this one enough?
  • i can't really have an opinion if i don't know bout it...i guess it's scary because when a baby is born, they cry cuz they don't know where they are i guess i'll cry and get scared too when i die, and enter the second life (after life)
  • i think im beyond second life. i feel like im a million years old. i seriously think im on a fourth or something. still cant figure out wat im doing wrong. i just hope this is it . . . lol. this circle is making me dizzy.
  • I think to each his own. If you want to be immersed in an online virtual reality, it looks very interesting. I can easily see how people could get hooked on it and lose themselves in it. For myself, I would rather live in the 'real' world, with forays into my 2nd life on AB, of course! ;)

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