• I've always used three things: -Regular ibuprofen capsules -Aloe Vera Gel (if refrigerated is better) -A bag full of ice. If you apply the gel, take the pills and hold the ice for 3-5 minutes periods, you should get rid of the pain totally inmediatly, being permanently gone in about two hours after initiating the process. Note: This will only work with minor burns. For other types of burns always see a doctor.
  • I had a friend tell me immediatley put honey on any burns. It works!!! it removes the sting and almost never leaves redness or blisters and always removes the sting. :)
  • Vicks on Burns will help to prevent scarring, and it soothes.
  • In my Cosmetology class I burned my hand with a straightening iron, and I could not do a whole lot about it right away, so of course, I rinsed it with cold water, and then Aloe vera gel applied on it temporarily relieved the pain.
  • lavender works really well also, what I usually do is put some lavender oil on a paper towel, freeze it(i put it in a ziploc bag so it doesn't affect any other food you have in the freezer)then apply it to the can also just apply it without freezing. You can also make your own lotion and just save it for this occasion. When I went to school for massage therapy, I learned that the man who found out of these medicinal properties was working in a perfume factory and severely burned his hand and with hardly any time to react, placed his hand in a pot of lavender oil which decreased his pain
  • place the center of a raw potatoe to take out the heat and relieve the sting.
  • Almost everything that "works" works because it contains water. The Reader's Digest reported twenty years ago already that THE best treatment is free--cover it with a wet cloth and KEEP IT WET CONTINUOUSLY for eight or ten hours. You have to understand the reason why water works. Most of the capillaries in your skin are closed and at rest most of the time. After a burn, however, they all start screaming "Emergency!" and open up to maximum diameter to let white cells through and let heat escape. Unfortunately, capillaries aren't designed to be all the way open all the time, and they rupture under the strain, killing skin and causing pain. So what you want to do is take away the heat so they can relax and not rupture, because rupturing causes pain and peeling. There is no possible product better than plain water--I've even seen it prevent burns on blondes who fell asleep in the sun their first day on the beach. Most people get burns, blisters and peeling because they don't realize that most of the damage is occurring below the threshold of pain. When they first get a burn, they hold it under cold water until it stops hurting, and then put it under again every time it starts to hurt. But lots of damage takes place before it's intense enough to feel it, so what you have to do is cover it with a wet cloth and keep that cloth wet for eight or ten hours. This works better than anything and it's free.
  • Due to someone being an expert I will remove my comment because I would hate to cross an experts opinion.
  • Aloe vera oli or gel works best and cling filn' selophane' should of been aplyed when you first burnt yourself it stopps it swelling and getting infetcted.
  • Plunge it in very cold water for at least 10 minutes. It will reduce scaring too!
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  • if this is a first degree burn, using an onion will help *dont ice it b/c it will cut down on circulation and the area needs healthy blood to heal run it under cool water under it for several minutes then here is the real trick, cut an onion and let it sit on the wound, b/c the onion has a mild analgesic which is suposed to help heal first degree burns
  • show the burning portion in running water for some time . then use some antiseptic on it and never cover it .
  • first thing, water, water and more water until the heat is out of it, then you can apply other things (aloe vera, creams etc)
  • try mustard. it works better if the area isnt already blistered.
  • 01-04-2017 First, no oil or butter. If you can put water on it while the skin is still hot, that will reduce the damage by cooling it. After that, mix pure vitamin C in water and spray the burn as often as you want. Anything else is only entertainment while you wait for natural healing. After the pain is gone you can apply "Pure Vitamin E Skin Beauty Oil" from any cosmetic counter to prevent scarring. It also softens old scars. Vitamin E oil has to soak in, so only put it on when you can leave the skin bare for a while.
  • try applying cold milk drop by drop or cover the wound with cottonwool soaked in cold milk.

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