• I wouldn't say that it was necessarily morally wrong but perhaps better to download your own rather than buy them.
  • I dont care. all I know is its a hell of a lot cheaper an thats good enough for me
  • Yes, if you value the studios and gamemakers that created them in the first place. They have to pay their workers, you know. I was flabbergasted that in my first two hours in Vienna, three different people came up to me offering pirated DVDs. I certainly didn't expect that in Austria! :o)
  • Depends on who you are.
  • I think so, yep!
  • i think so. that is why i dont.
  • Is it morally wrong, yea. But then again its morally wrong to pee in the pool. So.... Ive spent a good part of my time in Europe, media piracy here isnt per se common but it does exist in pronounced pockets. Lets just say I know where to go back home to buy a few of those. Apparently in Asia, its rampant. You can walk around a corner after 8pm in Thailand, Malaysia and 70% of time see a stall selling this stuff. I dont really make it a habit, but lets be honest. In some parts of the world, the diffrentiation in terms of price between OG & Pirated is absolutely mindboggling. Frankly there are alot of people out there who feel spending that much on an original dvd is just isnt viable for them & their wallets. A friend of mine in Singapore crosses the border every year into Malaysia and purchases a range of movie dvds & pc games; all pirated ofcourse and then hops back over with the stash. Why? simply because he feels spending 60-70 Singaporean dollars on 1 OG PC game is retarded when he could buy the same pirated copy for like 4 Singaporean dollars across the border. Like FauxLo said, 'People are people no matter where you go'.
  • Yes, because all the workers who contributed to the production deserve their pay the same as anyone else. How would you feel if your customers decided not to pay for your merchandise or services?

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