• Hahahaha!! I do the exact same thing..
  • My son does that.......I get really angry with him! (well, just a bit angry really) :)
  • In California, it is against the law to drive the car on a public street in neutral, so that "cost saving" measure could end up costing a lot, if someone here did that and got a ticket. I reuse the plastic bags that are inside cereal boxes. The make good cutting board savers, since I can change the bag between the different ingredients to avoid cross contamination. I also use them for cooking bags in the microwave, to cook steak, potatoes, fish and other things. I use washable cloths in the kitchen to wipe up spills, instead of the throw-away paper kind. They are recycled t-shirts. I take canvas bags to the grocery store instead of using their throw-away ones. All dusting is done with re-cycled t-shirts. I make quilts and furniture covers out of scraps of fabric. I even cover my computer chairs with t-Shirts to protect them from wear and tear.
  • I reuse grocery bags for trash bags, reuse plastic cups and bottles some, reuse spray bottles boxes medication bottles and ect..

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