• Hmmmm..from what I can remember.....
  • One would think so....yet I often hear "Wow we weren't expecting this ~ what a surprise".....
  • I hear it has something to do with the moon...
  • WE do have a cure for Pregnancy.. it's called... Answer Bag.
  • yea, u get pregnant by kissing..... :)jk
  • Ya but we just don't hear about those killer bees like we used to. With all that pollinating that they do.
  • Of course people know that pregnancy is a result of sex assuming they know anything about sex in the first place.
  • Pregnancy is something that always happens to someone else, until you are ready for it, of course.
  • Studies have shown that pregnancy may be linked with sexual intercourse. Common symptoms include amenorrhea, nausea, weight gain, and a baby coming out of your vagina.
  • A lot of people who ask questions in the 'Can I be Pregnant' Answerbag category seem to be quite ill-informed.
  • I don't think they've found the cause yet, so until they do, just don't drink the water, OK?
  • Given the questions that I commonly see in the "Could I be pregnant?" category, I believe they've stopped teaching sex ed in schools. It seems to have either been dropped altogether, or replaced with "don't do it and don't ask about it" lessons.
  • There must be over a thousand ABers who have no clue about what causes it. Just check that 'Could I Be Pregnant' category. Ugh!
  • They don't control themselves and after things happen, then that's when they worry about the possible consequences.
  • Apparently not and how to use the pill and condoms is also not understood by the looks of it. If a person asks a question related to any of the above in the Teenagers category, that is a likely (and cringeworthy) explanation.
  • Yes, but they all think it only happens to the other people and not them because they are too smart for that to happen. They know it all!
  • I think it ummm. . .has something to do with having the last name Spears. Yeah! That's it!
  • My 12 year old non-menstruating daughter is better educated than some of the posters to this category on AB. I'm in no hurry to be called 'Grandma'. lol
  • It appears that many kids on here do not. Have you read the number of "Could I be preg." questions?
  • apparently not.. I worked at a school last year (PT teacher) and when I started in 1989 it was a rare thing to see a 18 year old PG but last year about 50% of the 6th grade class was either pregnant, had given birth or had an abortion.. and they would sit in class and talk about it. I heard this one day and it knocked me out: "I am pregnant again. This is my 3rd baby and I will just abort this one too".. this girl was 14.. HONEST TO GOD.. In the High Schools they teach Parenting Classes for all the girls running around pregnant and their were many (1 in 4) but they can't teach anything about prevention.. It was sickening to know that some of these kids who can't even drive yet would soon be parents.. Apparently parents don't care enough to tell them.. so.. but I know they know. My son in 6th grade knew more than I did when I graduated high school. Wonder how many of those kids will be foster care kids or welfare kids.
  • I saw this old question and just had to send it back thru cause you know what 10 months later and they still don't want what causes it apparently.. This was a funny question to me so maybe it will get you some more answers

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