• Just looked briefly. From the latin Porcus, others are similiar. There is a great cookbook that discusses the eating and taboo of eating the pig. It has a recipe for everything.......everything. Whale semen..... everything. "Unmentionable Cuisine" by Calvin Schwabe
  • 1215, "flesh of a pig as food," from L. porcus "pig, tame swine," from PIE *porko- "young swine" (cf. Umbrian purka; O.C.S. prase "young pig;" Lith. parsas "pig;" O.E. fearh, M.Du. varken, both from P.Gmc. *farhaz). Porker young hog fattened for food" is recorded from 1657; meaning "fat person" is from 1892. Pork chop is attested from 1858. Pork barrel "state's financial resources" is 1909, on notion of food supply kept in a barrel (lit. sense from 1801); the shortened form pork in this sense is attested from 1862. Pork-pie hat originally described a woman's style popular c.1855-65, so called for its shape. Middle English, from Old French porc, pig, from Latin porcus. porking: 1. To eat ravenously; gorge oneself. Used with out. 2. To become fat. Used with "out." (Adult / Slang) Sexual intercoursing, said of and by males. pork out: To become fat. Porker: Classification of an obese person that has no will to help themselves lose weight. a porker is a female that says she is going to stop eating and brags about how much she goes to the gym to her other fat or ugly friends An extremely obese person (often one who has no intention of doing anything about their weight). A word for someone who is accused of sexually mollesting animals. For example, someone who raped a dog (got milkboned) would be a porker. Someone who raped a pig (got porked by a pig) would also be a porker. Used most popularly as an insult. Porker-Pig: Being fat. and remember, if you are skinny, you can still be fat. porkfolio: - Your collection of women you've porked much like that of an artist with thier portfolio - Usually kept in your mind not an actual object porkhead: A "poor kid"... Basically, if you say that really fast, it sounds like porkhead. porking: 1. The act of having vigorous sexual intercourse with someone. 2. Actively hunting for pigs in their natural habitat.

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