• Hmmm a Mud slide sounds yummy :)
  • Beerjito! Muddled mint and sugar mixed with a Mexican beer like Tecate or Corona. Mmmmmm...
  • yea, dont drink, and if u do, dont drive
  • I prefer cold beer but if a cocktail is in order Crown Royal is my preference. Crown and Coke, Crown and 7up, Crown and Sprite, all good. Margaritas to me are not a cocktail, they are a wild party waiting to happen. Pretty soon the Margaritas are forgotten and its just tequila shots, then watch out. Tequila makes her clothes fall off, whoever she is.
  • Blacktooth Grin: Crown Royal. Splash of coke. Seagrams. Splash of coke.... I heard of some rockstars drinking it. lol
  • A Delightfully Sloe Comfortable Screw sounds good (Sunny D, Sloe Gin, and Southern Comfort) Sweeter? Black or White Russian

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