• Because you can not massage the muscles properly on yourself, also, it is very dificult to maintain proper pressure throughout. Of course, there are also places that you just can't reach.
  • You aren't in the same position as the MT. If you try to massage yourself often you are tensing an area that would be relaxed if someone else was doing it, like tensing your shoulder and negating the benefit of rubbing your side. And the strange positions you may have to get into to reach your 'spot' to massage. PLus you aren't trained to know what really is the most effective way to massage, which way the muscles run, where are the attachments to the muscles. And you cannot leave out 'intent'. MTs are trained to have 'intent' when working on people. THeir positive energy working on you is something that can't come just from yourself. It takes a healthy person touching you to get the greatest benefit, a person who intends to help you and help your body feel better.
  • I think it mostly has to do with anticipating pressure and movement (obviosly you know what is going to happen) and subconsiously stiffening your muscles to counteract it. Stiff muscles don't massage well. A self-massage takes discipline.
  • My mother told me I'd go blind.
  • because you tense up as you try to massage yourself and relax. also, being massaged by another person means you don't know what they will do. however they move their hands, it will be a surprise to you, and that unexpectedness is sensational! i think another person's touch is exciting in itself. has anyone ever touched your knee or arm and you just loved it and wanted them to do it again? they didn't do anything special, it was just a touch or pat. but it somehow feels great - that's the idea of someone else touching you just feeling exhilarating.
  • Too much work, and you don't get to sit back and enjoy it.

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