• How about one who speaks TRUTH....Next to one who speaks FALSE?
  • when i welcomed you to AB, it was sincerely done. an insincere person was the one who sent you a condom for a hot air balloon.even though you nearly died laughing about it.
  • Sincerity isn't an exact science, so IMHO this is how I see it. Sincere: friends, family, and that nice old lady down the street who makes cookies for you (well, me). Insincere: Celebrities and politicians
  • I am sincere AND insincere. Sometimes at the same time. Example, when I see a TV commercial of starving kids or homeless people, I sincerely feel bad for them and wish they didn't have to live that life, and then the phone number comes up so you can donate money, and suddenly that feeling isn't as sincere as I thought. HA!

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