• You are probably not going to lose thigh weight. If you are fairly thin everywhere else, but carry some weight in your thighs it is probably there to stay. If you have other weight to lose you may lose wieght there. Otherwise, I would focus solely on toning. A wonderful toner that requires nothing but a wall is very effective. You rest your back against any wall and squat down, pressing your weight against the wall for support and balance, until your legs are at a 90 degree angle to the floor. It looks as if you are sitting without a chair. (This will strengthen your knees as well, but should not be done if you have existing moderate to severe knee problems.) Start out trying to stay seated for 30 seconds. Break for a minute and see if you can go another 30 seconds. It is harder than it sounds and your goal should be 2-3 minutes per time. If you have a second timer it is really fun to push yourself to waiting it out. If you cannot last the entire 30 seconds, take a quick break extending up into the standing position, and then return to the seated position as soon as you can to wait out the final part of the 30 seconds. You will feel the burn immediately. Don't over do it, just try it once a day until you get good and then do it more often. I would do this at the doctors office where I worked over lunch with the rest of the girls and we had a great time pushing each other and staying on "the wall." We would even joke that when ever someone did something wrong they had to go to "the wall" for a workout.
  • i dont know about the thighs particular but swimming will give you an all over workout, so i understand.
  • dont think theres such a thing as losing weight fast

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