• If you leave the buck and the doe in overnight then they will exhaust themselves as a succesfull mating only takes 5 minutes. The worry and stress you will cause the doe, bless her I think it is traumatic enough as it is being pinned down by the buck and having no choice in the matter! and by staying in his hutch she will be fairly stressed. You only have to leave them to it for 5 - 10 minutes watching them while they do their thing, you will know if it has been sucessful or not as the buck will grunt and fall off the does sidewards and make a little squeeling sound out of delight! then voila, its upto the doe now if she takes or not.
  • First reason is that as soon as he's done mating and gets his wind back, he make just fight with her because it's HIS cage and another rabbit doesn't belong. He could hurt her very bad, yank out her hair and even rebreed her over and over, wearing himself out. So physically it is harmful for him. And it could be harmful for her if he spends so much time fighting or just chasing her round the cage. It could worry her so much she would not become pregnant. Or if she's in there longer, he could rebreed her again and she could become pregnant with TWO litters at one time, which could be harmful to her, too.

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