• I am friends with Billy connoly, i met him years ago at a charity fundraiser, and we have kept in touch since then, but i dont see him as famous i see him asa normal man who likes to help people and who is extremely funny
  • David Hockney, Alex Katz, Thomas Krens and several other influential people in the art world.
  • I have friends who are influential and have been in the news or are in the entertainment industry. Actually, I know more than a few professional athletes as well. I talk to most of them semi-regularly, but I'm not going to put any of them out there. I respect them as people and maintain their privacy.
  • A number of people in the dance world (too many to list). James Franco (talk all the time), The guys from SNL (see them at parties a lot), Buddy (Patrick) Swayze ( He and wife Lisa are friends of the family), Jake Gyllenhaal( (on occasion. I am friends with his cousin Molly.) Liam Neesen (He is our neighbor). Liza Minelli knows me by first name. We both take Lugi's theater dance class. Don't talk to her outside of class. These are all I can think of off the top of my head. There are more. A number of musicians as well. +5
  • Not a single one...

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