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  • Because in 2025 the Russians are (apparently) going to stage a manned mission to Mars! And if they screw it up USA is supposed to do it around 2040. Worth waiting around for in my opinion.
  • Because life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you'll get once you finish eating one.
  • a good reason to keep on living would be to proove to who ever, or what ever that is causeing you to think of killing your self... that your better than them
  • 3 reasons off the top 1 To annoy the hell out of those you dislike. 2 To see what happens next.2 Imagine a child you are going to have and love more than anything in life so far, ///now your punishment for logging out early is you never get to know them or what they will be like.
  • 'Cos if you stuff up your suicide then you might end up worse off again... like the guy who managed to shoot his nose off but still ended up living. (He's not the only one.) Depression is just an admission that you can't see any other options. Even getting angry doesn't seem to be able to achieve anything. Unfortunately depression also closes our mind to any opportunities that do exist so we don't see them. Depression stops us from thinking straight. Depression wastes our life ( we don't do anything fun but we do get older! ) What can we do about it? Have a good cry, have a long sleep, then go out and do some exercise. Exercise does make you feel good (maybe not immediately but definitely after an hour or so. You don't have to push hard, just move). But then your problems are still there. Imagine that you have already killed yourself. Pretend that every day, starting from today, is a new life with the opportunity to do things differently. Or just get professional help. Personally, I often think humans should be designed to kill themselves after the most trivial of occurences. (eg. had to pay for parking, got a speeding fine, can't be bothered cleaning the house, had a bad day at work, haven't had sex for a month (or should that be a week?)...) Imagine how pleasant life would be for those who are still alive!
  • Forget everything else you have ever done. Get a dog or a cat, stoat, ferret, mouse or rat or anything you can hold and talk to. The answers will come easy after that.
  • for my children. they are young and they need me
  • Just think of those people with cancer.. they are fighting to live and for them every seconds counts.. you are lucky enough to just waste your life while others wanting to live more..
  • Those people who means a lot to you..Those people who cares and loves you.^_^
  • because you are at the moment.
  • Spite. Plain and simple.
  • Hope this is ok doodlethenoodle, but I want to ask you : Have you done EVERYTHING you wanted to do in your in life?
  • 0-5 years don't have knowledge about the life. 6-12 years for playing and enjoying childhood. 13-19 years for getting knowledge our body and others. 20-35 years for enjoying life and making career. 36-50 years for responsibilities of children. 51-60 years for waiting retirement and children marriage. 61-70 years for grand children. 70- ......years for waiting death. any thing else .........
  • BBC drama and the sound of rain in Autumn.
  • You sound depressed..from this and your other question(s0..if you do you should speak to a doctor..depression is a medically recognized condition and can be do not have to feel like this.:)
  • The Lord and His plan for our lives. Thank you and may God bless you. :) -In Jesus Christ's Name.
  • to see who's gonna win the election the chick, the black muslim, the mormon or the liberal republican.... c'mon, you know you're curious.
  • To see how famous your going to be when you get your first acting gig on the movie screen. Or porn what ever tickles your fancy,lol.
  • It took me over 37 years to tip the good/bad teeter totter of life to the good side...and that *just* occurred a couple weeks ago. Prior to that, had I been given a choice to re-live my exact life play for play w/ all the unknowns being the same....I'd answer with an emphatic HELL NO. A couple weeks ago I could finally answer that question with a bland yes. I suspect in a few years I'll hit an emphatic HELL which point the reasons would be clear. Everyone's reasons/answers to your question will be different. Personally, one reason I discovered was that I didn't have any say in the matter. I tried more than once to check out early...I should not be here today by any secular explanation...but somehow I am. I felt it was against my will for years....decades, even...but it was out of my control. The most fool proof "plan" can be foiled quite easily on a myriad of levels. For me, the bottom line was that if it wasn't my time to go then it didn't matter one damned bit what I tried...I'd still wake up at some point. Once I accepted that it wasn't my choice, things were a little easier to deal with. I woke up daily not *wanting* it to happen...but started to try to at least "deal with it" better. Eventually it worked out. Today I know it made me better sticking it out til that damned teeter-totter finally flipped to the + side...but I still have probably 40-50+ more years left barring unforseens...if I make it that far I'm certain it will have been worthwhile enduring my trying times. Of course you can always chose to make things worse and easily prove that things don't get better...but you already know where that road leads. There is no easy answer. Some people say "To see that I'm still alive" and that's enough. For me, that was a reason NOT to go on for basically all of my sentient life up until the other week. I had no super rationalization or breakthrough....just my actions over the years finally were working positively and prior damage had finally been overcome enough to actually prefer waking up to not waking up. I had no magic solution and it didn't happen overnight. Work at changing your life for the better, finding where you belong, simplifying your life, avoiding needless complications, focusing on plans both short and long term....and eventually you'll create your own answers to your question. Just my $0.02...YMMV.
  • the biggest thing that keeps me wanting to live is my curiosity. I want to know what happens to me, who i end up marrying, if i get married, what my career will be or if ill end up being a bum. i want to know how it will end for me, if i were to kill myself i would never find out. you have to keep living because living is all you have to live for. you get to choose how your life is, why wouldnt you want to live to find out what its like? "if you die, you wont be alive anymore and that suck"
  • Because you will look back and see that you have risen above it....whatever 'it' is. Nothing and nobody has the power to drag you down, unless you allow it. You must fight against the opposite of what you are doing daily. Good life doesn't just happen, you have to make it happen by looking outside of your own misery and - believe it or not - helping others who are worse off than yourself. It puts things into perspective. Who was it said "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain" ?
  • *because millions of people die a day..literally. u are not one of them..cherish your life. *a male produces thousands even millions of sperm a day. just to think, U were chosen out of all those. thats not chance..your life has a purpose
  • Because I love you *BIG BEAR HUG*
  • No. That you must find for yourself.
  • because life is a wonderful thing. Who cares if you had a bad day at work! at least you know that the world keeps turning round
  • I don't think it's a matter of reason. Life simply means survival. All living things, from moss to monkeys, from mildew to mankind, have survival and procreation programs in their DNA. (If they didn't, they wouldn't exist.) It's nature.
  • Hi Jen, I like you! And I am sure I am not the only one on AB
  • We would definately miss you on AB, don't do it. Long term solution to a short term problem. Hang in there, it'll get better.
  • The people who know you and love you need you to be here and couldn't bear the pain of seeing you give up on life. There are things you haven't done that need doing, there are people you haven't met that want to meet you, there are places you haven't seen that you should see. There are a lot of reasons why you can't give up. Whatever you're going through right now sounds like you could probably use a bit of help, try calling someone.
  • Tomorrow....there's always tomorrow. Things get better eventually :o)
  • Cause Braum's still gives you a free taste of any ice-cream you want. Besides, no matter what you look like or feel like right now, after you're dead a few days you are gonne be real ugly and feel really rotten.
  • For this one reason alone: The average person will tell you that the good times never last. The reasonable person will tell you that the bad times never last, either. And they are right. Try as you may, you just can't argue with logic :)
  • I can give you my reason.... I live for God & his unconditional love.
  • jen --- like everyone else here on AB, we can tell you how much you would be missed. that being said, there are many people out here who need your help and mentoring in order to keep going one themselves. being in a rehab hospital for an injury for nearly two yrs., you get a better understanding of what life is about ---- and you have a lot more living to do my friend
  • U will for your feet ,You will live for your toes, your legs, your belly your all parts of body bcz they are important, god has give you this body of crores of rupees Utilyse it proerlyfeel for it say Thanx to God
  • You don't know for a fact what will happen when you die for one. Heaven? Hell? Come back in another life as a plant? Also everyone and anyone close to you will be mortified think of them that's what stops me.Peace
  • Don't you want to see what happens next?
  • Beats the shit outta bein' dead yo...
  • The world wouldnt be half as interesting without you in it jenjen!
  • Because I need you know that I know you since I've answered one of your questions now. So the reason is because I said so. I love you.
  • to reproduce
  • Do a google for "give me ten good reasons to keep living", and you'll get only ONE link that actually relates to the question, and it's this one. And I've gotta say, what a bunch of useless answers. This page will <u>never</u> pull someone back from the ledge and I'm shocked it's the best the internet can do. "No. That you must find for yourself." Are you for real? I have never read a more hippyish new-age bunch of bullsh!t... This person's on a ledge and THAT'S the BEST you're gonna offer???
  • Because you never know who's waiting in your future to make your life beautiful again.

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