• I would say so!!! People I know have done so and passed the next day
  • No. I have at least a thousand clients over the years who have had to take drug tests at different labs. The drug tests are set to watch for those who imbibe too much potable agua/ aqua. The results are deemed "diluted," and said tester is deemed to have failed. Yes, it is legal to drink more water than humans generally drink, but yes it is also cosidered a PLOY to confound drug tests. I would hate to have my employer (parole officer, dean of students or whatever...) say that they have never noticed me drinking water before but yet here I happened to drink more water than 5 men on the day of your drug test. I just wouldn't want to have to deal with that. Outside of court it just raises a suspicion, perhaps, but in the courts of our state it is often equatl to a "dirty," just for the attempt, since testers are told beforehand not to dilute their samples by drinking too much water.
  • they don't mean drinking a lot of water....the question is asking about the camping product.. "potable agua" it is for making undrinkable water... Potable... And yes with out a doubt... It WORKS!
  • No. The only way to pass is to not do the drugs in the first place.
  • No, it's not successful. The only surefire way to pass......QUIT DOING DRUGS.

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