• I believe those suffering from anorexia eat very little while those with bulimia binge and then purge. Both suffer from a false belief that they are overweight and are obsessed with food, weight, and appearance. This site gives more in depth information about the differences between the two disorders.
  • Bulimia causes you to eat and puke out what you've eaten. Anorexia is the grave consequence of either severe bulimia or or starving - a dangerous weight loss.
  • Bulimia is bouts of compulsive eating followed by induced vomiting. Anorexia is when you start by refusing to eat and end up not being able to eat convinced that you are overweight, Both conditions will use laxatives or any other method of purging.
  • No, I don't know the difference. I know that anorexia is when someone is not eating enough and the get very thin. Sometimes models have this illness, because they try so hard to stay thin.
  • People who are anorexic do not eat enough food and frequently exercise excessively. Their calorie intake is too low in comparison to the calories they "burn" each day. People with bulemia usually take in a normal or excessive amount of calories but then they "get rid" of them by vomiting or using laxatives. It is called binging and purging.
  • anorexia nervosa = highly restricted caloric intake. diagnostically, anorexics have a BMI of less than 17.5 and (if female) miss at least 3 periods. bulimia nervosa = periods of "normal" eating interspersed with binge eating and purging (purging can refer to induced vomiting, overexercising, fasting, laxative abuse, etc.) bingeing and purging must occur at least twice a week for the duration of 3 months to be considered bulimia nervosa. however, a lot of anorexics binge and purge, and a lot of bulimics sometimes starve themselves.
  • Anorexics don't eat enough, and may exercise a lot. Bulimics may eat normally, but they puke out their food afterward.
  • In addition to what was said above (anorexics eat very little while bulimics binge and purge), I believe that anorexics tend to be very thin while bulimics are more often normal weight, so it is easier to spot someone who is anorectic. (Of course, someone can be extremely thin for reasons other than anorexia; you can't assume that a very thin person is anorectic.)
  • Yes. Bulimia is when you eat too much and vomit afterwards. Anorexia is eating way too little.
  • Yes, unfortunately I have never had a housemate who didn't suffer from one or the other =( The methods used in each case, (bunging, purging and vomiting - bullemia, starvation -anorexia) do not actually define the illnesses themselves, since it is equally about the psychology of it. A person may be considered a bulemic and not display the typical characteristics, the same goes for someone with anoreixa. It would be wrong to assume that somebody binging and purging is definitely bullemic. Often those suffering display symptoms associated with each, and can also have a combination of both illnesses. In short, and it is far more complex than this - Both are actually very very similar. However while both are typically very concerned with outward appearance, Bullemics tend to be even more driven by concern of how they look to others, by pleasing others and being attracted to than those suffering with anorexia, who often do act in the way they do either for looking good for others, out of a sense of hate of themselves, or as a way of controlling other aspects of their lives and so is entirely unconnected to food and weight loss. Often with bullemia it is more about being sexually attractive, which is not typical of anorexia at all. Bullemics are also slightly less obsessive and compulsive than those suffering with anorexia.

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