• i seriously dought it but if some body killed my dog i would have to kill them.
  • no defnitely not there is alot of pets to around a pet is not worth a human life.
  • Absolutely not! I'm sorry, but I can always get another dog.
  • Yes I would jump out the window. I live on a third floor, and I have done it before. I went to the street and I placed a mattress on the street than I saw my cat could jump from the third floor. So I went to my neighbor in the first floor and I asked if I could jump out his window and he said yes. The mattress that I had placed there was still there. So I jump from the window. I landed on the mattress. I looked up to the window on third floor. And there was my cat with a stare of amazement. And I thought this cat is not as dumb as I thought. And I got a ticket for putting the mattress on the street.
  • Yes. I love my pets.
  • yes i would, if dogs do the same for their owners, why shudnt owners do the same...
  • Nope. A human's life is more important than an animal's life, in my opinion.
  • No. not because I don't love animals but I have much more capacity to do good in the world than a cat or dog... I would probably miss them alot though.
  • Definitely. I love my children 😉😉😉. But I wouldn't for a pit bull. Those beasts are horrible.

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