• Genetics are primarily responsible. Lack or excess of pigments in the iris. see this page for details
  • Genetics. An interesting variation occurs when one has one blue eye and one brown eye. I have a cousin who has this.
  • As in animal kingdom, so it is with humans. We choose our counterparts based on various factors. As eyes are known for being \\\\'windows of the soul\\\\' they are also important part of this game. Pleasing eyes are one of the first things one notices and therfore variety is important and and genetics logically supports it. Rarely left and right eye differ in colour. That is due to (slightly) different quantity of pigments.
  • there is a thing called malenine in you eyes and those who have blue eyes hae little to non and those with brown eyes have much more. Babies usually have blue eyes because they havn't develped malenine yet. and sometimes after 5 mothes or so the eyes will turn to there trur color. Usually but not allways if there was some kind of trama to the eye at a young age it may not turn to brown and the other one will!!!!
  • another thing done by genetic!
  • another thing done by genetic!

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