• Quite simply copper is used to transfer electricity becaseu it conducts (allows the electricity to pass through it). The plastic covers the copper because it does not conduct electricity. The plastic insulates the copper and stops the electricity from earthing (Being transferred from the copper to the earth via another conductor). From another perspective, is stops us from electrocuting yourself if you touch the copper wire. chocks_away
  • plastic is having high dielectric strength and bad conductor of elecricity and also not cosuming water so it is safe to cover as insulating material to cover coper wires
  • Copper conducts the electricity and the plastic is used as an insulator so when you touch it when electricity is going through it youdont get electrocuted
  • To avoid electric shock.
  • Try touching a live copper wire and you'll find out! Lol:)
  • plastic is cheap and light weight, also blocking oxygen to resist corrosion.

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