• Yes and yes.
  • Yes, in places it can snow. Check out this link for more info on the climate in Kansas:
  • I gets very cold here. And snows alot.
  • I've only passed thru Kansas, but I'm going to say Yes, and Yes
  • it hardly snows mostly gets ice not cold at all i been here 2 winters going on my 3rd and the coldest low has been 3 above all you need is a good sweatshirt if you go out all day long
  • Yes it gets below 0 degrees here, and can snow a lot. A couple of years we had a severe ice storms-knocked down trees, powerlines and all that. It also gets pretty hot here too, 105 (a little more or less) degrees sometimes.
  • I live near Kansas City, and the winters are usually wimpy compared to Chicago where I used to live. The last 3 years or so, it has snowed before Christmas, and they forecast 6" tomorrow, but before that it seemed like it didn't snow before Christmas for about 10 years. When it does snow, it's usually 2-4", but 8" or more can happen. The good thing is, we don't usually get the combination of snow on the ground and bitter cold, as in Chicago. The snow often (even usually) melts away (at least off the roads) within days or a week. As for temperature, during the depths of winter a typical daytime high is 15 or so. There are a couple of weeks each year where the temperature gets down towards or below zero overnight. And I still remember a few days before Christmas in 1989 when, two mornings in a row, the temp was -23 F.

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