• its because fish dont have a personality that you would learn about, they dont play, they dont cuddle, they dont seem to understand feelings like dogs and cats can sometimes... and i go through fish a lot faster than dogs. so maybe that is something too
  • I love my pet betta fish, Chauncy. I even went out and bought him a new tank today. I would cry it he were to belly up.
  • I have a couple of aquariums and I never got attached to any of my fish..then came Benjamin. Benjamin was a tiny clown loach when I got him (and 3 others) and he was so sick and ill a number of times in the first 3 months that I had him that I wasn't sure he'd make it.I almost just did a mercy flush on him at one point...But he did make it..he's grown up to be a really healthy guy....
  • I have. We had a clown loach that survived so many illnesses. He lived for 7 years and we got him before my sister was born. It was really depressing when he died.
  • I haven't. I like petting my pets, and fish aren't very...pettable. I also don't like their eyes at all. I get unnerved by animals that don't blink. When I was little, my goldfish committed suicide after a few weeks of flitting around in its bowl, so that's what pet fish remind me of. I like the look of large, clean aquariums that are nicely lit, but I don't need one. I always thought it would be cool to have a pet octopus if I had any kind of sea creature. I don't have the time, money, space, or personal responsibility needed to have one. It would probably commit suicide, too.
  • Yes, I did. I had a pet fish for over 10 years and I was very attached to him. Unfortunately he was taken by, and I shit you not, a water bird a Great Grey Heron right out of the pond! This in Arizona! you know..... the fee-nucking desert! Can you tell I'm still pissed?
  • I think it depends on how much time and thought you give to choosing exactly the right fish, and how much pleasure you invest in providing your fish with the perfect habitat. If you don't invest much of yourself in making the fish a part of your life, you will not feel any attachment.
  • I never got close to any fish. Only betta fish. I guess because they have such a great personality. They really do when put in a heated bowl/tank of 2 gallons or more which is kept CLEAN! They really are great. I have let my fish-keeping die down since my fav betta, Risteek passed away.
  • I was very attached to my betta. I cried for an hour after he died and buried him in a box in the backyard.
  • I baby my fish...But I paid more for my pride and joy then I did my dog....Marine fish are expensive but its rewarding...the fish by the way is a volitan Lionfish.
  • That is funny because my friend was just saying never heard of someone patting there fish. yes, they let me pat i have two huge gold fish..that are very old, 10 years old about. yes, they stare at me when it is time to eat..and know me very well. Would miss them alot if there were gone. thanks...ocra and jaws
  • Me neither, mine die too often. :P
  • Yes I have. You see there are certain breeds you can get attached to. 1:Fighting fish 2:Oscars 3:Discus 4:Severums I was pretty upset when My fighter died.
  • Fish just can't easy to get fond of. Because they're fish, and not mammals. You can't touch them, they don't understand you. Heck, they don't even breathe air like we do.
  • Yes, though maybe not as much ass most of my dogs and cats. I've had a special fancy goldfish that I named after a friend, and had it for many years. She would come when I'd signal her and eat from my hand. I know, kind of silly, but I thought maybe she liked me:-)
  • My answer to being attached to fish is this: Lovable Playful 'Cuddle' Fish Sweet Pea the oranda and her fancy tank mates show that goldfish haven't been given enough credit as pets or as feeling creatures - we get back the attention we give in return... It may be easier to become attached to some fancy goldfish because humans bred them with some of physical cues we respond to in babies, puppies and kittens. However, many varieties of fish have more personality and are more responsive than most suppose. Some folks can become very attached to very responsive fish.
  • you have to have the rite fish for u. i have two tiger oscars in a 90 gallon and i wound cry if any thin happen to them. i also have a 29 community tank. heres my oscars

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