• Listening. Because most often people hear what they want.
  • Writing, then listening.
  • Listening easiest writing hardest. Writing is hardest because it is the only one in which you have to be grammatically correct. Listening is easiest because when listening you can also take into account body language and tone of voice.
  • I think it is different for everyone. For me, speaking is the most difficult. The best way to learn a language the hard way is through the telephone.
  • Reading is the easiest, unless the characters are not in the standard alphabet.(I'm thinking Chinese, etc.) I think listening is second hardest because you might get lost with accents, voice inflexions or speed of the people talking it. Perhaps talking is the hardest because if you want to do it fluently you have to "think" in that language, not translate each word in your mind as you go. Takes more practice to express yourself.
  • I would have to say speaking.
  • not sure since i learned both languages when i was a kid, i know spanish too

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