• Stop sitting on champagne flutes at all of those ritzy parties that you go to.
  • If you're talking about excessive menstrual bleeding, I understand. When I was younger (in my teens and early twenties), I had heavy bleeding. It made me miserable, tired, and I wanted to stay home and sleep all day. I'm afraid it's part of life for some of us females. It will get less as you get older! I know some feminists will shoot me for this, but BRING BACK THE MENSTRUAL TENTS, please! They provided women with much needed rest!! There are medications and birth control products now that can stop your period all together, but I don't recommend messing with nature to that extent!
  • take your pants off
    • Linda Joy
      Nice try! Lol!
  • If you are bleeding from the rectum, these things take a while to heal--maybe a few days for the damaged blood vessels to scar. Try wearing Poise pads and panty sheilds in order to avoid soiled outerwear and embarrassing stains. This problem can happen to both males and females.
  • Try pulling out the knife and covering the wound with a bandage.
  • ewwww ok TMI.
  • If you are female, go see your doctor. It could be something like fibroids, which cause excessive bleeding. There are medical ways of dealing with this; for example, pills to reduce bleeding, a coil to control the flow, etc.
  • Go see your doctor! Other than that you haven't specified if its menstruation, injury, vaginal, rectal. In any case go see your doctor! You need your blood!

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