• Beef jerky is usually not cooked, just dried and spiced. Sometimes smoked and dried, then spiced. The drying removes the moisture which helps preserve the meat. Salt, pepper, and some spices also help as preservatives.
  • can use oven but a dyhydrator or a smoker work really good-if using the dyhydrator would suggest using liquid smoke--also is really good to marinate the meat first for lots of flavor-i use a combination of steak seasoning and liquid smoke and marinate for a couple of days in the fridge stirring it on occassion to make sure it is evenly done-this makes for a product that is hard to match from the store and will last a lot longer than one would believe-you will eat all of it long before shelf life is a problem-if you are friends with a butcher you can often get them to slice up the meat for you on a slicer--hope this helps----cool question-take three-smile and enjoy the day
  • By msminnamouse on Jan 21, 2008

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