• If the picture is rolling, it is the vertical hold control that you are looking for, not the horizontal. You don't say what kind of display the television has, so I will assume that it is a CRT (cathode ray tube). Most CRTs built in the last ten years or so lack externally-accessible controls for vertical and horizontal hold, since the circuits that control these functions usually self-adjust satisfactorily. Functions such as contrast, brightness, and hue are also controlled electronically via the remote, rather than using electro-mechanical potentiometers. Your television may be defective or it may never have been adjusted properly at the factory. Note that White-Westinghouse televisions are discount, entry-level products. There is likely to be a control inside the cabinet, but opening the cabinet will void the warranty if it is in force and will expose you to lethal voltages. If the unit is under warranty, get the service depot to make the adjustments. If not, get someone who is familiar with working with televisions to check for an adjustable control inside the cabinet.
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