• Well it really depends... I worked for a a franchise of a large hotel chain owned by a small hospitality management company so "the best of both worlds" so to speak. Working for a large corporation usually has a lot of great advantages (more benifits, less responsability put onto one person, usually better hours (less overtime)) and then there is that alot of these larger corporations are unionized which can be a good and bad thing (guaranteed pay increases and regular benfits and usually better benifit packages). From a brand point of view it is better for the sales teams (usually easer to sell a large brand) I however worked for the small corporation with a large brand name (easy to sell) however, less staff support and larger amount of resonsability, lower on the pay catigory as we weren't unionized and longer hours. I also found that t was very hard to take a step back (going on vacations) because in a larger corporation there is usually a whole department (usually 10 + ppl) doing the job that I (little me) was doing on my own. I did find though with a smaller work environment I was recognized a alot more for the job i was doing.

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