• "Smoked meat", onions and hot peppers.
  • Like Chicago-style pizza, it's in the order of the toppings. In Montréal-style pizza, it's crust, sauce, cheese, toppings. Some pizza parlours might call their smoked meat pizzas 'Montréal style', but that is just their own name, not a style of pizza.
  • A Montreal-Style pizza is a thick crust pizza, with lots of sauce and cheese. The standard toppings are pepperoni, mushroom and green pepper. This combination is known as all-dressed. One thing that makes Montreal-style pizza different from other styles is that the pepperoni sits under the cheese with the other toppings going on top. A pizza with extra pepperoni will have the usual amount of pepperoni under the cheese with the extra pepperoni added on top. Some standard variations include all-dressed with added bacon and onions or all-dressed with added smoked meat.

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