• I have a Motorola Razr v3c, and for a long time I had a similar problem, the battery went down to "Low Battery" state after an overnight charge in a matter of one day after a mere 2-3 calls. I found a guide on this site ( which gave instructions on how to turn off a specific mode the phone was using to acquire a signal which apparently ate its battery life. Instead of using EVDO (which the phone tries to use also if it uses VCast), I managed to switch mine to use 1X, whatever that is. Anyway that helped a lot, battery life went up to 3-4 days without needing a charge; still puny but much better. Maybe check there and see if there are tips specific to your phone.
  • Only a guess, but most batteries have "self limiting" features, meant to protect the battery. If you charged the battery for a short while on the very first charge, that could be why. It is only charging to that point, and no further. This is only a guess, I have almost no knowledge of how to fix it, but thought it might help.
  • This phone has defect with the charging port so you may always have problems. Take it to the store and let them know what the problem is and they should cover it under the warranty. Since it is a manufacturer defect let them know that you are also aware of the known issues with the phone. If you haven't physically damaged the phone they should not refer you to the insurance.

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