• Never been interested in clothes shopping, online or otherwise. What little clothing I have are gifts.
  • I never buy any clothing online, I want to make sure they fit before I buy anything. If I bought clothes on the internet, and they did not fit, I would most likely have to pay shipping, to exchange them. That's the main reason I don't buy clothing online..
  • I don't buy clothes because you never know just how things will fit until you try them on.
  • I have had too many bad experiences with buying online, either the shipment doesn't come, the merchandise is wrong, or the items are completely different than when pictured~
  • I don't buy clothing online, because you can't try them on and the pictures seldom show true color.
  • I don't buy online because I like trying things on in a store before I purchase.
  • I'm not a perfect size and clothes made in different countries fit differently. For instance, a pair of pants made in China will fit altogether differently than a paid of pants made in the US or Europe. No, I do not clothes on-line unless it is a manufacturer that I am already familiar with and know what size fits me.
  • No. I like to try the clothes on and see how they look on me before I buy them. Sometimes I will like a shirt, but it just doesn't fit me right. Also, when buying online, you can't get a detailed look of the clothes. When buying at the store, I can check the fabric for imperfections, loose threads, tears, etc. Another reason that I buy clothes in a local store, is to keep money in my community. The last is that the transaction is done on the spot. I pay and have the clothes in my hand. You can never be too sure about buying online.
  • Sure do. But I usually buy from a particular store's website (ex. Victoria'a Secret, Macy's, New York & Company). That way if I need to return them, I can always do it at the store.
  • I've bought clothes online, especially Ebay, and some that have catalogs but I order online.
  • Not anymore. Color and size can be quite different than advertised.
  • No way. I'd rather see the clothes in person and I like the option of trying it on for size.
  • no cause i dont need clothes that much since im short and dont outgrow them, i just wash them

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