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  • She's from The Left Bank and her name is Renee.
  • You don't know what you got until it's gone (or walking away).
  • cause they dont want them to walk away
  • Because I as a guy am not too afraid to say I am an idiot. And there is a time that I know where I need to say something because if tomorrow doesnt come I want her to know exactly how I really feel. and if that time comes where I forget why she means so much to me then I should let her walk. But I dont have to forsight to tell when things are going to be getting better and the goes on the other i dont know what is going on in girls heads. But the truth is that no guy want to lose his someone and we know she needs to hear how special she is.
  • the same reason girls do. sometimes you lose sight of what is right in front of you. and when that something or someone starts to slip away and is no longer there, you realize "damn...i let him/her go." and then hits you, "i had everything right here... i had it all. and i let them walk away." hello!!!! your brain finally registers that everything you ever dreamed of having is falling apart right in front of you, and if you don't say something quick it could be gone forever... sometimes, it takes that moment. that moment where your world begins to crumble, before you realize that whomever may be walking away is everything you could ever hope for. sometimes, thats what it takes to shake someone and wake them from their dreams and thoughts to realize, they don't need dreams about this person because they have them in reality... sometimes, thats what it takes. if you love that person, and they love you, wouldn't you rather them say something as your walking away, rather than not at all? i mean... you may be walking away... and sometimes its too little too late... but... at least they finally snapped back. and maybe one day they'll realize that people need to hear those things more often. maybe you'll save the next girl or guy major heartbreak... id say thats quite an accomplishment. either way it works out.
  • See below...
  • the same reason guys do everything else: SEX

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