• the DIY network has some so-so ideas, and has soem very good original ideas, but your best bet is to google it. Type in "DIY clothing" you get 7,560,000 hits, some of it is rubbish, but some of it is very usefull. Do it during a period of time when you have nothing better to do, or a lot of time on your hands :D
  • good answer. I google everything!
  • You can find lots of funky clothing ideas at this link: Or see some tips on revamping old clothes here:' Give yourself a makeover with clothes you already have here:
  • BUTTONS!! they make everything look trendy and not too out there! i add them to plain white shoes, theyre cute!
  • I like Threadbanger and Craftster, myself, they always make me feel like making something...
  • has some really cute ideas. It also has some basic sewing help if you need it.

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