• It wont make a bit of difference.
  • The Dems been asking for something like this for years. Time will tell, but if the feds want to refund me 800 smacks, I'll take my money back. It was mine to start with.
  • It's my money i am gonna take it back...& yea i am not gonna forgive him for the rest of the money that he didn't return.
  • I'll take the money now if someone could get NYS to give me back the money they steal!
  • Neither. They are going to give me my $800 back this year and tax it next year. It will not affect the economy at all.
  • It may help, but only a small bit. The administration is hoping the money will be put into the economy, but some experts warn much of it will go to paying off debt, which won't affect the economy. A much wiser strategy would be to divert some of the billion dollars a week it takes to fight in Iraq and put it where it's actually needed.
  • I'd rather see the money go to something a bit more useful, like paying off the national debt or giving all children under 18 healthcare. It's not just YOUR money, unless of course you live in the woods, kill all of your own food, never use roads, police, fire department, the post office, the military, public schools and other services that I'm sure you take advantage of. Sure, I like to take home the money I make, but I also like safe streets and pot-hole free rides to work.
  • All this relief will be is a delay of the inevitable. A full on crash. Want answers check this out
  • I can't see that it will make any difference in the economy. Most people, myself included, will just use that money to pay bills that they are already late on.
  • If the democrats get their way and give it to everyone, even those who didn't pay taxes, there is no point to the relief refund...people who didn't pay taxes shouldn't be allowed to get money they are not owed...hardworking taxpayers should get the relief.
  • I agree with the Iraq comment. I we would quite spending so much to help the people overseas we could help our own people here at home. Why not use that money to create jobs for our unemployed and create health insurance for everyone in our own country. Let the other countries fend for themselves.
  • Amen Sister!
  • I am not so sure that this could help the economy. It seems that grouping this tax break along with raising minimum wage every year can only lead to further inflation. Don't get me wrong, if I am handed an extra $800, I am definitely going to spend it on something other than debt or bills in an attempt to "help the economy," but really, it's just going to give me a bigger TV.
  • It will do neither! The rich will still get richer and the poor will stay the same and the middle class will stay there as long as they are to poor to be rich and make to much to be poor and get aid. the people who get their money back will pay bills and it will be the same ole thing.
  • I doubt it will do either. The rich don't need it. And most of us who are lower middle class and in debt will be using it to pay some bills. And then we'll still be taxed on it.
  • I thought that the refunds were suppose to start on Monday the 28th of april. Is that true or are they holding back?
  • Hmm! What year was that? Decades?
    • mushroom
      Among the features of the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 was to raise FHA mortgage limits. This was intended to keep property values from dropping after they reached "jumbo" loan status. So, how'd that go?

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