• Are you assuming i Don't?
  • That would be to easy.
  • Because they have a problem accepting themselves.
  • Some people can. That's a positive. Just try and stick with these people and you will find that like-minded people will be with them. Don't put up with the other ones, they don't deserve your friendship. Sorry can't give you points. Computer won't let me. I can only comment. I can't even ask questions. Good question.
  • I understand and I have been that way myself at one time. I disliked everyone and still do, its trust issues and they are very hard to work through. I didnt realize until I got older why I was acting that way. You distance yourself from people because you dont want that person to know the real you inside. So you tell yourself that you dont like them, when really you dont like you. You keep people at a distance so they cant get close to you. I still have problems letting people into my own little world. Its a constant struggle to remain social. Just be aware of the problem and you should be able to manage it, and do a little socializing now and again. :)
    • Percussion
      I can show you how to want to more. : )
  • its because you are a teenager. it's pretty normal. You'll get over it once you have a little more self esteem
  • This question is rather contradictory as a true friend would not have a problem accepting their friends for who they are.
  • all the advice you have been given is very black and white, so to speak. my dad used to tell me that if i didn't turn at least some people off some of the time, i wasn't making much of a personality for myself. and this has had some truth in my experience. accepting people all of the time requires that you keep your opinions and beliefs all very safe and unoffensive. myself, i think we need to look at ourselves and at others critically and constructively. that means that once you decide what you think about someone's else's belief, for example, and the consequences to the world of that belief, you may chose not to accept it! and i believe that people should be acccountable and able to defend or challenge such aspects of human experience. don't ever become mean and don't ever become too simple or shallow for criticism. it's good for me and it's good for you!
  • Because I'm a purple-haired, Australian, atheistic, grammatically-correct, politically-incorrect, obsessive-compulsive teenager. Seriously, who the hell would even want to accept that?
  • One of life's greatest questions. I honestly think it's their own insecurity.
  • People can be controlling...they want to change people...Here's my saying, "You can't change other people, only yourself and how you deal with them."
  • I'm not sure that most people don't accept others for who they are. First I want to be clear that accepting someone for who they are doesn't mean you have to "like" them and it doesn't mean that you throw boundaries to the wind. You can accept that someone is a theif and set limits to protect would be foolish to think that accepting them meant making yourself vulnerable to them or condoning their behavior. Sometimes people have a hard time accepting others that are different from themselves. In these situations I believe people get caught up in black and white thinking. If someone thinks in terms of black/white or right/wrong, then if someone is different than themselves then the other person must be wrong because there is no way they could be wrong themselves. This same style of thinking also keeps people from taking in new information and adapting/changing. Because if they change, then they must have been wrong before and they can't accept that about themselves. They have to dispute/discard all new information that might make them wrong. I hope I explained this well enough...
  • Because such people see fools for what they are and what they are trying to be.
  • What makes you think most people don't? If you're a black, transgender, Muslim, attorney who identifies as a white, male, Catholic, trash collector, I can accept you as a person. But it doesn't mean I have to like you or agree with anything you say or do or believe as you do.
  • Acceptance of others as they are is directly connected by the persons ability to accept themselves as they are. This ability varies in me and probably in others too.
  • Simple, do you like every flower? Do you have weather preferences? Try figuring that one out!

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