• Voltage is electrical "pressure" and current is "volume". A good analogy would be a water pipe - the bigger the pipe the larger the volume of water (or current) flowing through and the pressure (or voltage) would depend on the strength of the pump (or the height of the tank).
  • The difference between current and voltage is often compared to water travelling through a pipe. The current measures how much water travels through the pipe. Sometimes you have a big pipe and sometimes you have a little pipe, but neither matters for the current - the current simply measures how much water goes through it. Likewise, "current" means the number of electrons that travel through a wire. The voltage is a measure of how hard the water is being pushed through the pipe. If you've got a huge pump driving water through a pipe, the water is pushed through hard. If the pump isn't working well, it isn't. Voltage is a measure of the potential difference between one place and another.
  • I got an electric shock today, i was at a bakery and some fool dropped a bun on the floor and i trod on it and the current went up my leg
  • voltage : potential difference between two points. Current : amount of charge flowing in a conductor per unit second
  • Imagine that you're masturbating.. When you squeez your dick in the moment of finishing, the sperm will fly out with pressure(volt). When you let it loose in the moment of finishing, the sperm will just pour out(amper(current)).

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