• So far So good. I've taken a beating and I still keep on competing in the game of life.
  • I'm still alive aren't I?
  • I'm not physically tough but mentally, my mind always works overtime.
  • Well..... I grew up in the projects and did a year in prison. Soooooo. I'm not exactly backin' down.
  • Absolutely..still alive and kickin after alll these years..LOL :)
  • It depends entirely on the situation. Give me a difficult AB question, and I'm all over it. Put a man eating tiger in front of me, and I'll shit my pants.
  • I would say I am very tough. Lost my father at 16 had to go to work to help mom pay bills, lost my first husband(he killed himself), my daughter was born 3 months premature weight was 1 lb 11 1/2 oz, now I am waiting for a kidney transplant a, and I still have my sanity. ummm yeah I tough.
  • Not when it comes to my heart but that when my sister & family step in & take over for me
  • I thought I was, until I got kicked in the testicles by a little 9 year-old neighbour kid during a playfight one evening. The boy kicked me so hard (and at close range---we were face-to-face and I was holding onto his wrists and trying to make him "submit") that I almost blacked out from the pain and had to go to the hospital emergency. Instead I cried and squirmed and squirmed, and could not get up for close to half an hour. The pain was unbearable, and for awhile there I thought I had been "castrated on the spot" and that I was going to die. And the little brat who kicked me? He just stood by and smiled at me awkwardly, with a look of "Gee, did I really do THAT?" on his little freckled face. (Below: Pics taken just about an hour before my misfortune. You can see I was all smiles and looking unconquerable, until the boy dropped by with "beating me up" on his mind. And beat me he did. Argh.)
  • I work the rough streets of Los Angeles....yeah...I'm tough enough.
  • i hope so

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