• Is there a community college near you? Perhaps you could take a few courses to enrich your education, and you just might meet a nice girl.
  • school, the parks, the mall, the library, the grocery store
  • Go to the library. Find a book written for girls that tells them how to meet guys. Find out where girls expect guys to be. Be there. I thought I was brilliant for thinking this up, but Rush Limbaugh thought it up years earlier.
  • Places I was when I was (intermittently) single between the ages of 18 and 22 include: - pubs/ clubs/ bars (obviously) - rock concerts (this is a good one for meeting people if you're into music of some kind or another) - theatre and cinema (again if you hang around after the show, can also be good as you have instant conversation material) - dance classes - language learning classes at local college - university (a bit extreme I know) - swimming pool - beach - hiking/ walking groups - cafes and coffee shops Obviously you might not want to go to some of those places - and that's fine. You might find you meet more single girls if you're willing to step outside of your comfort zone - travel, spend some time in the nearest city, or have a day out in the next town. Join groups, start new hobbies, visit new places. To be honest virtually anywhere is potentially a good place to meet someone - but you can't expect women to just wander over and say "hi I'm single." You have to start a bit of a friendly conversation (talk to the guys, the married women and the older women as well as the young singlegirls - everybody has friends and sisters after all!) make small talk, get chatting, just aim to make friends before anything else - and eventually you will meet someone in a very natural way.
  • College, university, take some dance or music lessons, join a church group, drama club, etc. Clubs and concerts are the worst places because it is very noisy and difficult to communicate.
  • A larger town.
  • 12-20-2016 Just keep doing what you're doing. The women who are taken are happy to set you up with one of their friends. That really is the best way to meet women. Second best is to go to a church on Wednesday evening. Every church has something different, so if one place doesn't suit you, go to another one.
  • Find the nearest place where the women outnumber the men, then move there.

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