• i had my first salvia trip last night. and it lasted for two hours. in case you dont know what salvia is, its a halluciogen. its legal and im 18 so technically, i did nothing wrong. lol Salvia divinorum can be chewed or smoked to produce experiences ranging from uncontrollable laughter to much more intense and profoundly altered states. When considered by weight alone, salvinorin A is the most potent naturally-occurring psychoactive compound known. The duration is much shorter than for some other more well known psychedelics; the effects of smoked salvia typically last for only a few minutes. BULLSHIT. lol. i guess with 40x, the effects are longer. maybe its b/c i did more than one, or it was my first time or w/e. like i hit it and i waited a couple seconds for it to get to me, then i started seeing everything in spirals, or it was pixelated or something...i was sitting still for a couple seconds, which felt like forever.everytime i turned my head to try and see something else, the ripple effect would just move and it would go over something else. it took me like 5-10 min to realize the salvia had worked. lol i so that leasted like 20 min and then it just seemed like every move i made was like flashing and felt weird and like it was repeating itself like 3 tmes in one second. and everything was delayed but time was going by faster. my skin was super sensitive. the tightness of my jeans was tripping me out. i was aware of what i was doing, but i still made myself look like an idiot. i kinda just tried to stick with kyle b/c if he was holding me i wouldnt be able to move around as much and act like a retard lol. so every few seconds i would remember i looked stupid and id try to control it. i wish i had a recording of what i was doing b/c its probably very different than what i thought i was doing lol. and i couldnt control my facial expressions lol. after everyone left and it was like the second half of my trip, i got cotton mouth and kyle gave me milk. and i could feel myself doing it after i had already done it... lol like when i was drinking the milk i realized after a few seconds that i looked confused lol so i let that expression go. i also kept gripping everything really tight. everything i picked up i would just hold, then in a while id realize i was gripping it tight enough to break it. everything was insane.
  • Never did it but I can tell you two things about it. 1. When you purchase it you automatically go on an FBI list. 2. This stuff is advertised as an alternate to pot since both are hallucinogens. It is nothing like weed and it is far more dangerous. There have been cases of people dieing on salvia and no cases recorded of people dieing of weed.
  • I never really got off on salvia. Tried a few times a few ways. Very disappointing and a waste of money.
  • FYI: do a find for hallucination. I can't believe I had to research this for you.
  • 14 times.
  • So, I take it that it was good? lol Where did you order it from?
  • Depends on what it is but more than likely. Meth/PCP have very artificial/plastic smells and cocaine/crack smell like gasoline. You would have definitely have been able to tell.
  • I have gone back to that day a million times in my head. It was a life-altering day. I had gone up to San Francisco to visit some friends and happened to buy a bong. It was late one night, and after smoking a few snappers, we decided to smoke the salvia we had purchased earlier that day. Instinctively, I ran my left hand over the smooth, glass bottom, and up the neck and the finally over the thick mouthpiece. The glass was colored with streaks of various shades of blue, purple, pink…. I exhaled and flicked my bic, my eyes trained on the bowl. I slowly started to milk the bong and watched the smoke swirl higher and higher until it reached my mouth and I heard the bowl snap. I didn't have time the clear the chamber, before this intense feeling struck me. I must have looked how I felt, because my friend quickly reached out to take the bong from me. He and my other friend in the room started speaking to me, but I could not hear the words floating from their lips, I could only watch their mouths open and close, open and close, open and close. Suddenly I was a Pac-man inside the Pac-man video arcade game. I felt like something was amiss in this new world, but I could not place it. I did not remember that there was an Earth, or a universe, or I was even a person. I was a part of this new world now, only I could not remember if it was new; it just felt…different. I don't even know if I can continue to use the word "I" when describing myself in this state. I still had my same consciousness, but I was a completely different entity. I went endlessly and aimlessly, eating the dots as I whizzed by, or not so much eating them, but rather absorbing them. My mind must have made a correlation between the colors and streaks on the smoking utensil and the lines that the Pac-man (myself) were making, because I then morphed into a colorful line, reminiscent of a colored worm. I know it sounds crazy, and it absolutely is, but I was this new being. I truly believed that this was the world in which I inhabited. The world was unlike anything I had ever experienced on Earth; I felt like I was confined, like being in a room, but knowing there is something outside those walls. The feeling of snapping back into my body was one of the most disturbing ordeals I have ever experienced. It was like my body was slowly coming together, but I could not remember having a body like the one that I was acquiring. When I became whole again, I sat there blinking for what seemed like an eternity. Slowly my memories starting creeping back to me, first my name, then my family, then that I was in San Francisco…The only even remotely accurate description of how I felt was…weird. I did not feel normal, there was something off with myself as well as this reality (the present) that I now inhabit. This feeling has continued to plague me, giving birth to my current, existential crisis. Having this five minute hallucination changed my life completely.
  • I smoked salvia for the first time alone in my room sitting on my bed. It was truely amazing. i smoked it in a pipe (it was 20X) and i smoked most of a 1 gram tube and then it hit, i put my pipe down and then just lay back on my bed laughing my head off. i was staring at my ceiling when white lines suddenly appeared and started racing around and then it was as if some one had flicked a switch and the real world went... far away... is probably the only way i could describe it. i lay watching these lines that were dancing around and then suddenly they became real to me. I felt like i was gently turning and moving sideways to my body and then the lines started changing colours and then after a while they just faded out and i was lying on my bed again. It was amazing and almost impossible to describe to some one who hasnt smoked it. i have tripped many times before but it felt different, most people i know who tried salvia have said the same. The after effects could take another page to describe, but basicaly after about 5-10 min after i had finished tripping i was perfectly chilled out and happy.

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